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Date Posted: 13 July 2023

Appendices and ALG memos are attached to Asbestos Network Working Group minutes when the nature of discussions (or the complexity of the subject) warrants further explanation and clarification. This guidance is aimed at licensed asbestos removal contractors (LARCs); however, it applies equally to others involved in asbestos work. The guidance summarises conclusions on the topics and should be read in conjunction with L143, HS247 and HSG248.

Appendix 01 23

Personal Sampling, Employee Health and Exposure Records
Appendix 02 22

Non asbestos risk assessment

Appendix 01 22

Decontamination unit (DCU) services, gas and electrical

Appendix 1a 21Asbestos cleans (environmental cleaning)
Appendix 2 19Calculating NPU air flow
Appendix 6 17Abrasive blasting removal systems
Appendix 5 17Enclosures for AIB soffit removal
Appendix 4 17Asbestos dust/wipe sampling
Appendix 3 17Work with asbestos paper
Appendix 2 17Asbestos in Soil: classification of work
Appendix 1 17Asbestos enclosure ventilation research
ALG memo 0612       Notification of licensed asbestos work
ALG memo 0512Supervision of licensed asbestos work
ALG memo 0412 Suitable and sufficient plans of work (method statements)
ALG memo 0312Removal of External AIB Soffits
ALG memo 0112Site Documentation
ALG memo 0110Ancillary asbestos licences for scaffolding
ALG memo 0209Asbestos licences and the role of consultants
ALG memo 0109Maintenance of air extraction equipment and Class “H” vacuum cleaners

ALG memo 0208

Demolition: dealing with buildings that contain asbestos - updated March 2013