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Asbestos Network

The Asbestos Network provides a forum through which HSE can work together with relevant parties in a constructive way to ensure that work-related exposure to asbestos within Great Britain is prevented or minimised. The Asbestos Network exists to complement and enhance the letter and spirit of the existing regulatory framework.

Group name: Asbestos Network


  • To facilitate approaches to managing, working with and disposing of asbestos; also enforcement when dealing with asbestos.
  • To identify and share current good and bad practice in relation to these approaches and to identify areas for improvement.

Current Projects

  • Duty to Manage
  • Technical guidance for licensed asbestos work
  • List of current licence holders


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Asbestos unit



The Asbestos Network affiliated to CONIAC is not associated with an organisation bearing the same name which also has a site on the internet. The Asbestos Network based in the USA ( provides information intended for the victims of asbestos exposure and their families and is an entirely independent and separate entity.