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Tackling Ill-Health

Workplace ill health kills and ruins lives in the construction industry. Statistics indicate that a construction worker is at least 100 times more likely to die from a disease caused or made worse by their work as they are from a fatal accident.

Group name: Tackling Ill-Health


Workplace ill health is preventable and effective management helps employers to retain experienced and skilled workers and employees to maintain productive employment. Occupational health risks can be managed by modifying processes, controlling and minimizing exposure and taking precautions to prevent adverse effects.

Everyone involved in the construction industry process has a responsibility for managing occupational health risks and all parties must take ownership for their part of the process.

Workers and their representatives must be consulted regarding the provision of occupational health services to ensure they are properly targeted and deliver the right outcomes at the right time, but just checking workers’ health is not a substitute for managing and controlling occupational health risks.


The TIHWG comprises members from a number of influential organisations. The group is chaired by Peter Crosland, National civil Engineering Director with the Civil Engineering Contractors Association. Vice-Chair is Paul Bussey, Technical Design. CDM/Fire/Access Lead, Allford Hall Monaghan Morris (AHMM) architects.


The aims of the Tackling Ill Health Working Group (TIHWG) is to both reduce the potential for creating harm to the construction workforce and to reduce the incidence of occupational ill health within Tier 2 and Tier 3 organisation (ie SMEs – Small Medium Enterprises). The ultimate aim is to reduce the overall cost of ill health within the construction industry and improve the health of the UK construction workforce.

Additionally, the TIHWG will liaise and work with the Construction Leadership Council, (CLC), the Health in Construction Leadership Group, (HCLG) and the remaining ATSG (Acting Together Steering Group) Working Groups to ensure that all identified deliverables are fit for purpose. The working arrangements with the other organisations & groups will help prevent duplication of effort and more importantly will help provide a consistent and clear approach to dealing with ill health issues across construction.

Current Projects

The group are currently involved in a number of initiatives including;-

  • Health Risk Matrix
  • Respiratory Catalogue
  • Health Risk in Construction - Document review
  • Asbestos
  • Silica

Draft documents which are intended for public viewing and/or comments, are available via the DIOHAS website. Please click here to access.


Peter Crosland, Group Chair


Paul Bussey, Group Vice-Chair