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What does CONIAC do?

CONIAC seeks to stimulate action aimed at securing better occupational health and safety outcomes in the construction industry. CONIAC’s work is aligned with HSE’s strategic objectives and the committee’s remit is set out in the terms of reference.

More specifically, CONIAC’s remit is to consider and advise the Head of HSE’s Construction Division on:

  • The protection from hazards and the control of risk to health and safety of those at work in the building, civil engineering and engineering construction industry and the protection of the public from related hazards
  • Operational or other policy as it may be relevant to securing the health and safety of persons at work in the building, civil engineering, and engineering construction industry, and of members of the public who may be affected by such activity
  • Associated matters, as referred to, by the Head of Construction Division.

CONIAC has established close ties with the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) and leads work in delivering the CLC’s Health, Safety and Wellbeing Initiative:

Health, Safety & Wellbeing » Construction Leadership Council