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Construction Industry Advisory Network

The Construction Industry Advisory Network (CONIAN) is the wide industry stakeholder network associated with CONIAC.


CONIAN was established in December 2017 as an advisory network to enable CONIAC and HSE to inform the wider construction industry about work being done to improve occupational health and safety.

CONIAN provides a platform for the dissemination of information, the sharing of good practice and provides a networking opportunity. These events also enable industry to discuss topical issues and raise matters of concern. By sharing information in this way, the CONIAN network provides an opportunity for CONIAC and HSE to inform a broad cross section of trade associations and other representative groups across the construction industry, so they can cascade relevant information to their members and the wider industry.

For details of how to join CONIAN, or for information about CONIAN events, please email


CONIAN events are coordinated and arranged by CONIAC’s secretariat. CONIAC aims to run two CONIAN events each calendar year. Meetings were traditionally held on a face-to-face basis, but since the covid pandemic have been conducted online.


Current Projects

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